Welcome to Nimpex

With over 30 years of experience in the business of importing and exporting kitchen and catering equipment, we strive to provide quality products and service for all of our clients, both nationwide and internationally. Nimpex Imports is a family owned business specializing in the supply of Italian catering equipment.

New Product launching 10 October 2018

HotmixPRO is a range of innovative multifunction machines, unique in their genre and thanks to the special blades, it can work as a mixer to emulsify liquids, or as a cutter to work on any solid ingredient.

Little About Us

Personalised Approach

Nimpex Imports is a family owned business based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Excellence and Professionalism

At Nimpex Imports we understand that every kitchen is unique with different standards.

Insured and Guaranteed

All of our products are insured to be of the best quality and standard.