Personalised Approach

Nimpex Imports is a family owned business based in Cape Town, South Africa. Kobus Beyers, along with his wife, Ria, and two of their daughters Marlien and Andri, have taken up the challenge of becoming one of the leading companies in South Africa and abroad in the supply of commercial kitchen and catering equipment. They place value in having a personalised approach towards their clients in order to build and maintain trustworthy, long-term relationships with all of their clients and suppliers.

Insured and Guaranteed

Excellence and Professionalism


At Nimpex Imports we understand that every kitchen is unique with different standards to adhere to. We therefore specialise in making sure that your kitchen is fitted with the best quality equipment suited especially for your personal and commercial needs. Over the years we have proved that the quality of our imported products are of the top of the local and international standards and will enable you to achieve the level of professionalism in your business that the service industry requires.